To evaluate your pet’s heart we may use a combination of auscultation (listening with a stethoscope), cardiac ultrasound, or electrocardiogram (ECG). We have the ability to perform ECG (Electrocardiogram) assessment of your pet’s heart in clinic. We can assess this ourselves or have it evaluated by a board certified veterinary cardiologist. An ECG can give us clues about the causes of a heart murmur or arrhythmia (abnormal rhythm).


We have all standard equipment for assessing your pet’s eyes, plus we have a tonometer which is used for checking eye pressure, this is very important for conditions such as glaucoma.


We have many tools available for assessing and treating your pet’s skin condition.  We will work with you to diagnose and treat your pet’s skin disease, nail problem, ear infection, allergies, or other condition.  Depending on the suspected cause, we may offer cytology (examination of cells under the microscope), biopsy and histology, parasite control, medications, or diet advice.