Many surgical procedures are performed at our clinic including routine neuter and spay surgeries, orthopedic (bone) surgeries and soft tissue surgeries.


Anesthesia at our clinic is customized to the individual patient. Ask us about pre-anesthetic bloodwork (to evaluate internal organs and help us choose the safest drugs for your pet), intravenous fluids (given for safety and to support blood pressure during surgery), and our monitoring equipment (we routinely monitor heart rate with an ECG, oxygen saturation of the blood using pulse oximetry, carbon dioxide, blood pressure, respiration, and more).

Wellness and Preventative Medicine:

Vaccination and wellness programs are customized for your pet’s lifestyle and are aimed at preventing disease and keeping your pet healthy throughout life.  Ask our veterinarians and staff about protecting and treating your pet for common parasites such as fleas, ear mites, and worms. Behaviour problems are not uncommon, ask us if your pet has a behaviour problem such as aggression, house soiling or anxiety. Our veterinarians and staff are here to assist you.What your pet eats can have a significant impact on health. Discuss your pet’s diet with us at your next appointment.