Spanish health officials say they plan to euthanize the dog of a Madrid Ebola patient, calling the move a precaution. The woman’s infection was diagnosed Monday. Her husband, who is asymptomatic and under quarantine at a hospital, refused to give consent and penned a letter pleading for the dog. Officials obtained a court order to move ahead with the euthanasia. There is some evidence Ebola may infect dogs without causing symptoms, but there is likely very little risk of dogs spreading the virus in the U.S. or other areas where they aren’t exposed to corpses or infected animals, said AVMA spokeswoman Sharon Curtis Granskog. The full story here.

Pug_on_scales_200Obesity is on the rise, and not just for humans. Dogs are increasingly overweight and even obese. In the United States, an estimated 43 million dogs are overweight or obese – that’s over half of all dogs! And it is not just dogs in the United States that need to lose a few pounds – canine obesity is also a problem in Canada, Europe, Australia and other countries worldwide. [Continue Reading...]

Cat_Plays_With_A_Pink_200We all enjoy flowers, whether in a vase in our house or in our gardens.  We enjoy the multitude of bright colors and the fragrant odor they give us. But there can be a dangerous aspect to some of our favorite plants.  The list of poisonous plants is very long, but this will give you information about some of the more common flowers and ornamental plants. [Continue Reading...]